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News - Updated 4/26/2017

Pate Swap Meet - April 26-30!

The granddaddy of swap meets in this area of the country, Pate, is happening this week at the Texas Motor Speedway. Last year, there were more than 10,000 spaces sold! This year, it will be even larger! In recent years, finding Model T parts has not been easy, but they are available. Needless to say, there is plenty to see and do at Pate. Don't miss it!

Be sure to check out the current monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page for more information on the Pate swap meet. See you Pate!!


Treadwell Tour!

Jeff and Denise Treadwell really know how to host a mini tour! The weather was fantastic and the hospitality was even better! We had a total of eight Model T's show up but Steve and Cynthia Hadorn's "Tootsie", had a fan belt failure, so couldn't join the line up. Two other T's were slated to show up but had mechanical problems, so we hit the road with seven. Not two miles from the Treadwell's, George Brunner's 1912 Mother-in-Law roadster stopped running. After several minutes of diagnosing by the "experts", it was determined that a malfunctioning coil was the culprit. Since president Norberg lives nearby and just happened to have an extra 6 volt coil, he volunteered to come to the rescue. In no time at all, the roadside repair was made an we hit the road for Jan and Vic Donnell's house.

The rest of the trip went well and we arrived in time to see new club members, Gerry and Shirley Witt's beautiful 1910 Touring car, which Vic had been performing a tune up on. We are looking forward to seeing more of this one! Vic then proceeded to treat us to the fabulous model railroad layout he has been developing in his garage for the last few years. It is truly an amazing sight! It is constructed to resemble the Texas-Pacific rail system of the 1940's, when that company was in it hay-day. The amount of detail and the number of hours Vic has put into this layout is proof of his skill and love of the hobby. We are looking forward to more tours to the Donnell's to see the progress!

We hit the road and arrived back at the Treadwell's without further mechanical issues. Jeff and Denise had prepared a meal of barbecued brisket, ribs and sausage with all the sides. We were served on their backyard deck next to the coy pond. The Treadwell's home is a private and secluded place in the country, ideally suited for entertaining. The food was outstanding! If you missed this tour, try to make the next one! Thank you Jeff, Denise, Vic and Jan!

Photos courtesy of Joe Pinnelli


Dripping Springs Crawfish Boil Tour!

Once again, George Brunner hosted the tour from his museum to the annual car show and crawfish boil at the Hill Country Care Nursing Center in Dripping Springs. The weather was perfect and the food and fellowship was outstanding. We were joined on the tour by local AACA club, the "Road Relics". There were lots of fantastic cars on display. Check out the April newsletter for further details on this and other upcoming events.

Photos are courtesy of John Anderson and Joe Pinnelli


Christmas Party - 2016

This year's Christmas party was held on December 4th at Texas Land and Cattle Company. Thanks to the efforts of our hosts, Jeff and Denise Treadwell, it was once again a tremendous success! President Robert Norberg welcomed everyone and Joyce Schierlow gave us the blessing. There were 35 members and guests in attendance. Because of the rainy weather, there weren't any members who ventured to drive their T's to the party.


Annual Kingsbury Fly-In

The annual Kingsbury Fly-In came off without a hitch. The weather was perfect and the turnout was great!

For further details, click on the link at the bottom of this page for the November Band Chatter.


39th Annual Texas T Party

This year's T Party was held in Stepehnville, Texas. It was chaired and hosted by Kathy and David Harris. For a firsthand report from our own John Anderson, including pictures, check out the September - October Newsletter at the bottom of this page.


San Antonio Missions Tour

John Anderson reports: "Good times at the Missions Tour on Saturday. 9 Model Ts, 6 Model As. Two Ts from Austin. Near as I could tell, everyone had a good time."

  • Click Here for more pictures:
  • And here is a link to the T owner page. Pix were added to the following pages: Bob Abbey, DuWayne Headrick, George Wilson, Hugh Hemphill, Steve Campa and Tom Campbell. Steve is the 'winner' of the most pix added, at five. I always find it funny who ends up with the most snaps. I did not take all of the 5, in passing.

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    Martindale 4th of July Parade

    Once again, Joe Pinnelli coordinated a successful Independence Day parade in Martindale. Thank you Debbie Cartwright for the pictures.


    Annual Father's Day Show

    The 2016 Father's Day car show, hosted by our fellow AACA club, the Road Relics, was another rousing success! This year, we had eight members' Model T's on display. Although a typical warm June day, the temperature was not unbearable like years past. The pop-up canopies provided ample shade for folks and a nice breeze made for a pleasant day. Estimates were between 300-400 cars made it to the show.

    Photos are courtesy of Joe Pinnelli


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