Member Photos

Henry Ford revolutionized the way we travel from one place to another. The horse and buggy went by the wayside and automobiles soon replaced them as the standard method of transportation.

In October 1914, Henry Ford introduced the moving assembly line and began mass producing a product that most people could afford. By the end of its 19th year of production, more than 15 million Model T’s were built. Many of these cars are still on the road today, owned and driven by fellow T enthusiasts. The Cen-Tex Tin Lizzies Model T Ford Club members own a nice variety of these cars and travel in them on local and national tours

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Honorary Lifetime Members:
Bennie Taylor Chambers – No Image Provided
Jo Ann Hearn – No Image Provided

Members with no images:
Sunya Alexander – 1926 Touring
HW/Margie Altenhoff – 1925 Coupe
Gary/Barbara Baker – 1921 Centerdoor Sedan
George Brunner – 1926 TT Truck
Carlton Carl – No Model T Owned
Debbie Cartwright – No Model T Owned
Andy Fish – 1924 Touring
Dennis/Kathryn Geesaman – 1923 Coupe / 1926 Tudor Sedan
Mitchell Gibbs – 1926 Touring
Alex Gillman – No Image Provided
Pat/Jill Goodson – 1927 TT
Ken Hardin – 1916 Touring
Tom/Peggy Romberg – 1923 Depot Hack
Don/Mary Ann Simmang – No Model T Owned